Agile Coffee podcast, episode 50

Fifty is the new Thirty! Or should all episodes strive to be as great as Fifty? Either way, it's a CELEBRATION! Vic (@AgileCoffee) is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer), Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) and first-time guest L. Mark Higgins (@LMHiggins1). Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Who sets the agenda for the retrospective? Middle Managers and the Agile Transformation

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 35

It's a CROSSOVER! Mork was on Happy Days. Binky and Bongo were on the Simpsons. And now... Victor is joined by Jon Jorgensen (@waterScrumBan) and Ryan Ripley (@RyanRipley) of the excellent Agile for Humans podcast for a double-sized, ultra packed episode of Agile Coffee for Humans. In this episode, our Agile heroes discuss: The HR Side of Agile -

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 30

Theme: Agile Community Events Dr. Dave (@DrCorneliusInfo) joins Vic (@AgileCoffee) for a beautiful morning on Huntington Beach discussing all manner of Agile community events: Agile Opens (and other open space uses), coaching retreats and camps, lean coffees, hackathons. Dave talks about the 5Saturdays model, and we tell how to find, get involved and host these

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 26 at Agile Open Northwest

This episode is composed of two separate sessions. The first part was recorded on location at the 9th Annual Agile Open Northwest (Portland, OR) with Ben Sherwood, Michael Wolf, Alicia Lanier and Ian Savage.  For the second part, I returned to the home studio and was joined by Dale Ellis, Jon Jorgensen, Brett Palmer and

Agile Coffee podcast, episode 23

Vic is joined by Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale), Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) and Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Agile Coach kits - what do you keep handy? Dale mentioned a handout by CarbonFive. He actually meant Lane Halley's Lean UX recipe cards. You can find them on Slideshare here and

Agile Coffee podcast, episode 22

For this episode, Vic is joined by Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead), Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale) and Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) for quick and efficient morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: How does practicing Agile/Lean change people? The Value of Scrum to Organizations Roadmapping with Lean Coffee and Six Thinking Hats - see Vic's recent post book: Six Thinking Hats by

Lean Coffee in the workplace

Recently I was asked about using Lean Coffee (LC) in the workplace, something I've been doing for the past few years. While I'm a strong advocate for LC's workplace applications, I'd like to start with my view of the broader picture. (I've written about my experiences with LC before, but this post has more experiences to back

upcoming Diana Larsen workshop in San Diego

Great news for those of you in sunny SoCal: expert agilist Diana Larsen is holding an Advanced Retrospectives workshop in San Diego on March 6th. The full title of the workshop is Advanced Practices for Leading Agile Retrospectives: New Techniques and Activities, and full details can be found here: from her abstract: Agile Retrospectives improve any project or