About Agile Coffee

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In 2012 Vic started Agile Coffee with the purpose of bringing together the local Agile/Lean community around a focal point of conversations. As more coaches came, ideas were exchanged and coffee was consumed. [more to come]

Victor ‘Vic’ Bonacci

Agile has changed my life.

Victor began his IT career as a front end specialist, later working as a back end Java developer and getting his first taste of Agile/eXtreme Programming (XP) practices at the University of Michigan Hospital’s IT department. He relocated to California in 2002 to earn his MBA in Technology Management and soon was hired onto Sony’s Change Management team, an internal consulting group that specialized in mentoring and assisting projects with value identification and process improvement. He next narrowed his focus to technical project management and spent four years at Panasonic Avionics, a manufacturer of hardware and embedded software that adheres to strict regulations of FAA and other international agencies. Victor introduced elements of Scrum and XP to his teams, while simultaneously coordinating testing, configuration management and process improvement activities.

As he became more expert at Agile practices, Victor’s belief in this better, more humane way of developing software ignited his determination to lead Scrum initiatives and Agile transformations. The 24th employee at SendGrid, Victor was hired as in-house Agile coach where he spread Agile throughout the organization, coaching team-level practices and partnering with executive leadership to adopt these principles into their DNA. As the company grew to over 240 employees and $50 million in annual revenues, Victor continued training Scrum methods, leading workshops and bootcamps as well as representing the company (along with the incomparable Stuart Pomo) in the broader community.

Since 2012, Victor has dedicated himself to serving the regional Agile community, starting a bi-weekly think tank on Agile/Lean topics that is free and open to the public as well as organizing and facilitating the first Agile Coach Camp in the western states. He has spoken at over fifteen conferences and events, and he has been featured on three podcasts in the summer of 2015. His own Agile Coffee podcast continues to grow in listenership as it approaches its 40th episode. Victor thrives in fast-paced environments and cultures of continuous learning, and he enjoys seeing individuals and teams ‘get it’ and begin to independently use Agile techniques to improve performance. In his spare time he enjoys family activities in the hills and on the beaches of Southern California.

Victor’s use of the moniker “Agile Coffee” owes as much to the Lean Coffee movement as to his own propensity for the roasted bean. He can be contacted on Twitter @AgileCoffee.