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It’s summertime, again, and I sat down for coffee and a chat with Angela Johnson and Christian Antoine of the Collaborative Leadership Team. We had a great time catching up and covered a wide variety of topics. Some of the topics we discussed: CoLead Team’s videos, the Ignite Agility podcast, and Angela’s book: “The Scrum Master Files” Short stories of how we met “We’re sick of Scrum” – talking about the words we use “Going Agile” – where are you going? It’s not a destination The role of an Agile Coach Here are a few ways to get in touch…

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Vic (@AgileCoffee) and Larry (@LarryLawhead) were joined by Ben Rodilitz (@BenRodilitz) and Chris Hurney (@chris_hurney) in a virtual coffee shop to discuss the following topics: the Weakness of One-piece Flow Do you need Team Maturity before you Scale? the Imperitive to improve our industry’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion How well do you understand your Product Owner’s world? Are you looking for a game to teach self-organization and empirical process control to teams? CardZinga! can be played in-person or online. Get the instructions and see examples at Books and resources mentioned in this episode: Scrum PLoP! one-piece continuous flow The…

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One of the most popular exercises for teaching Scrum concepts (empiricism, self-organizing, etc.) is the Ball Point Game (BPG), and most Scrum trainers I ask say they’ve used it. If you’ve taken a Scrum class or two, you’re likely to have played it, too. (Here’s a link to a video I recorded in 2012 of a large team playing BPG.) When playing the Ball Point Game, a team will organize themselves around the goal of getting as many balls as possible passed through the system within a defined period of time. There are a few specific rules / constraints, and groups will typically undergo…

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Vic (@AgileCoffee) was joined by Martin Salias (@MartinSalias), Savannah Rayat (@SavannahRayat), Timon Fiddike (@TimonFiddike), and Raj Kasturi (@RajKasturi / @agileRaj) to discuss topics related to becoming a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). Sites and resources mentioned in this episode: Björn Jensen’s Trainer – Kata CST® Journey – Facebook group for aspiring CSTs – a wonderful tool for your Retrospectives; co-created by Timon Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) Certification Overview – posted on the Scrum Alliance’s website (6/2020) Looking for Scrum/Kanban training in Southern California or Nashville, TN? Rocket Nine has got you covered. Visit today.

Now part of the Agile Podcast Network! Recorded after attending ACI’s Agile Coach Bootcamp, Vic (@AgileCoffee) was joined by Emilia Breton-Lake (@emibreton) and Barry Kardon (@BalancingAgile) to discuss the key take-aways from the five-day immersive learning experience. Updates from the Co-Chair (Vic) of the Global Scrum Gathering in San Diego (April 10 – 12, 2017): Jeff Sutherland is the opening keynote and Joel “Thor” Neeb of Afterburner will close Wednesday with a lively presentation Monday Mingle will be a short walk down the boardwalk at Wave House, featuring a wave machine and Woodie and the Longboards Tuesday starts with mashups: Chris Li, Ronica Roth, Brian “Ponch”…

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Now part of the Agile Podcast Network! Recorded at the Scrum Alliance’s Scrum Gathering in Munich, Germany. Vic (@AgileCoffee) was joined by Stuart Fish (@fishstua), Anderson Hummel (@anderson_hummel) and fellow #SGCAL co-chair Kim Brainard (@agilebrain1) to discuss some highlights of the gathering. Links, resources and photos coming soon, we hope. HOSH!!

Get to know the co-chairs for next April’s Scrum Gathering in San Diego. This episode features Vic (@AgileCoffee) speaking agin with Kim Brainard (@agilebrain1). In July, the Scrum Alliance selected Kim and Vic to serve as co-chairs for next April’s Global Scrum Gathering in San Diego. For more info on the gathering, visit  

Fifty is the new Thirty! Or should all episodes strive to be as great as Fifty? Either way, it’s a CELEBRATION! Vic (@AgileCoffee) is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer), Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) and first-time guest L. Mark Higgins (@LMHiggins1). Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Who sets the agenda for the retrospective? Middle Managers and the Agile Transformation check out Em Campbell-Pretty’s “Thawing the Frozen Middle” The Agile project manager Scrum patterns and community at Brett breaks down some distinctions between SAFe and LESS Craig Larmen is coming back to SoCal: Sept. 12-14 in Tustin, CA Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Come join…

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In memory of Jean Tabaka. Recorded at the Scrum Alliance’s Global Scrum Gathering in Orlando, FL, this episode features nine voices. Vic (@AgileCoffee) was joined by eight fellow participants (all working with Agile/Scrum teams) to discuss some highlights of the gathering. Guests list: Stuart Young (@Stuartliveart) Laura Powers (@poweredbyteams) Kim Brainard (@agilebrain1) Stuart Fish (@fishstua) Jamie Crews (@jamie_crews) Anderson Hummel (@anderson_hummel) Scott Dunn (@sdunnrocket9) David Gardner Karaoke pics: coming soon Vic rocks the karaoke stage?

Recorded at the Scrum Alliance’s Global Scrum Gathering in Orlando, FL, this episode features nine voices. Vic (@AgileCoffee) was joined by fellow participants (all working with Agile/Scrum teams) to discuss some highlights of the gathering (and CSP Fast Pass). Guests list: Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer) Aaron Kopel (@aakopel) Jason Tanner (@JasonBTanner) Leon Sabarsky (@LeonSabarsky) Anderson Hummel (@anderson_hummel) Things we’d mentioned: Peter Green’s Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model Scrum Gathering Rio June 23-25, by Scrum Alliance CSP FAST PASS: the fast track to becoming a Certified Scrum Professional® (on twitter at @CSPFastPass)