26. Visiting the Agile Open Northwest

26. Visiting the Agile Open Northwest

This episode is composed of two separate sessions. The first part was recorded on location at the 9th Annual Agile Open Northwest (Portland, OR) with Ben Sherwood, Michael Wolf, Alicia Lanier and Ian Savage.  For the second part, I returned to the home studio and was joined by Dale Ellis, Jon Jorgensen, Brett Palmer and Larry Lawhead.

Between the two sessions, we dove deep into the following topics:

  1. Facilitation Tools – Groupwork cards
  2. Adaptive Action and Agile – aka What? So what? Now what?

One more huge shout of gratitude to Ian, Alicia, Michael and Ben, to Diana, Tündér, Ainsley and all participants and volunteers at #AONW.

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Hi Mark,
I had to do a little digging to see what Alicia was referring to, but I found it.
ToP stands for Technology of Participation and is a method of facilitation seemingly created (and copyrighted) by ICA – the Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA. They describe Top and its certifications online at the ICA website.

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