Kickstarter launched for Lean Coffee card decks

Kickstarter launched for Lean Coffee card decks

UPDATE: They’re done! More info here.

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I’ve been talking up my Lean Coffee Conversation Starters since the early part of this year, mostly in face-to-face discussions. The decks I have been envisioning would each contain the best and most popular topics from my over three years of hosting local meetups, as well as a number of sessions up and down the West coast and throughout the Midwest.

Once summer hit, I poured much of my time into producing these decks: cultivating the right questions, getting the design and layout right, and running tests with printers and lean coffee participants.

Lean Coffee Conversation Starters, vol.1

I’m extremely happy to announce that the campaign to produce these cards decks has officially begun on Kickstarer. As of today, the doors are opened for anyone to examine these products and support their production.

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