71. Launching New Podcast Voices

71. Launching New Podcast Voices

Vic (@AgileCoffee) and Ben Rodilitz (@BenRodilitz) were joined by Allison Pollard (@allison_pollard) and Ruth Struck (@ruthstruck) in a virtual coffee shop to discuss the following topics:

  • Getting clearer on outcomes and finding efficiencies
  • How are you engaging with teams to stay connected in this remote world?
  • How do we coach leadership/teams whose attitude is “just tell us what to do”?
  • How should managers support teams now? How involved is too involved?

As we wrapped up the conversation, we congratulated Ruth for making her podcasting debut as an ambassador of Launching New Voices, a program of Women in Agile. (Shout out to Jenny Tarwater, Program Director. W00t!)

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