27. Putting Together an Agile Coach Camp

27. Putting Together an Agile Coach Camp

To share an abundance of topics, Victor is joined by Dale Ellis (@theDigitalDale), Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead), Jon Jorgensen (@waterScrumBan) and Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) in the Irvine studio for a lively morning of Agile and Coffee.

In this episode, our Agile heroes discuss:

  • A brief report on last month’s ACCUS West
  • Applying Agile to students
  • Hang the DJ
  • Can Agile practices change us psychologically?

We’re at a crossroads, and you can help! Is this format working for you? How can we improve upon it? AND – what ideas do you have for recording the sessions over the interwebs? Would you like to join one? Let Vic know by twitter or email.

Mark your calendars for Dr. Dave’s 5 Saturdays program’s Train the Facilitators workshops: May 30th and June 6th. More info at 5Saturdays.org

Reach out to Vic (@AgileCoffee) on Twitter and use the hashtag #tellAgileCoffee to interact with us on an upcoming episode.

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Hi guys,
I’ve just found your podcast after it was mentioned on the Agile Toolkit Podcast.
You asked a question on should whether or not you continue to list out all the topics before voting on which ones to discuss. Personally I think this is great. I’m wanting to start something around our office. Even though you are not discussing all the ideas that come up, it does give us something to start with when the ideas are drying up.
Thanks for the show

Hi Ian,
Jon and Brett were excited to join Bob, and I enjoy his AgileToolkit podcast too.

Thanks for the feedback. I tweak the format a bit from time to time, so it’s good to know what listeners like / don’t like to hear.

By the way, I just posted version 1 of an index of all topics from every episode (at least, all the ones that we actually covered). It’s on the PodcastIndex page. Hopefully this also is useful to you as you think of ideas around the office.

Cheers, Vic

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