Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 43

Vic with Bernie Maloney and Kim Brainard
Vic with Bernie Maloney and Kim Brainard

Recorded at the Scrum Coaching Retreat in San Diego with Vic (@AgileCoffee) and guests Bernie Maloney (@berniemaloney) and Kim Brainard (@agilebrain1). Dr.Dave joins near the end.

Bernie and Kim talk about their experiences with their team (Transformers!). For two+ days at the retreat, Bernie acted as the team’s Product Owner, while Kim served as Scrum Master. They share their perspective on how their topic evolved and how the team formed, stormed, normed and ultimately performed.


Have you been to a Coaching Retreat? Let us know on Twitter by using the hashtag #TellAgileCoffee

btw – Bernie broadcasted/recorded the interview on Periscope. It’s archived on katch.

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