80. Dave Prior stops by and we talk about podcasts

80. Dave Prior stops by and we talk about podcasts

My buddy Dave Prior, CST (drunkenpm@gmail.com) visited, and we talked about his fun podcasts. Specifically we mentioned these two episodes of Agile and Project Management – DrunkenPM Radio:

  • Human Hacking with Christopher Hadnagy and Dr. Abbie Marono
  • The Art of War with Gary Gagliardi

Dave is also a CST with the Scrum Alliance and active with Project Management Institute. Until recently, we had both been working for LeadingAgile.

We also talked about Lithespeed’s recent Global Agility + Innovation Summit. Dave was interviewing some luminaries for the event.

We spoke briefly about Vic’s Coach’s Toolkit, A-CSM classes, and the renovations to his YouTube Coffeehouse studio.

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