Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 34

Victor is joined by Dale Ellis (@theDigitalDale) and Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) on a beautiful SoCal morning for Agile and Coffee. In this episode, our Agile heroes discuss: Limits to transperency Project reporting (is the Burndown enough?) Mandated documentation in Agile Project definition phase Getting teams to behave like teams Engaging the non-participative team member Reach out to Vic (@AgileCoffee) on Twitter and use the hashtag #tellAgileCoffee to interact with

Keeping busy between jobs

Being out of work is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, having long stretches of time to focus thoughts and efforts on pet projects and learning is amazing. With clear vision and consistent effort, one can make tremendous progress in achieving high-value goals. On the other hand, you're still out of a

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 31

Lean Coffee at the 5Saturdays Vic (@AgileCoffee) stops by Dr. Dave's (@DrCorneliusInfo) 5Saturdays event to introduce lean coffee to a large group of facilitators-in-training. Guests include: Evelyn Crofts, Keith Montgomery, Curtis Gilbert, Seth Silvernail, Jon Jorgensen, Angela Rong Sun, Robbie Smith, Purnima Vaidyanathan, Valarmathy Rangasamy and Joe Dailey. Topics: Planning & executing tasks in the household Velocity-based vs. Capacity-based

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 25

Vic is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer) and Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Agile Planning - discussed WSJF and Donald Reinertsen's book The Principles of Product Development Flow User Story Mapping Roles in pair-coaching Servant Leadership has the info about our upcoming Agile Coach Camp US West, April 10-12,

Roadmapping with Coffee and Hats

Does your IT organization make a practice of yearly roadmapping? Mine does. The current shop, the previous one, the one before that, and on and on. Just about every technology department I've been a part of does some form of yearly roadmapping exercise. The one characteristic that they all share? They're drudgery. The process of

Capacity Planning worksheet for Scrum teams

[ UPDATE July 2016 - I no longer subscribe completely to the concept of capacity planning, at least to this level of detail. I will keep this post available, but I will not maintain the fancy spreadsheet ;) It's fun to geek out with numbers and formulas, but we could do better having meaningful

Using an Inception to kick off a project

Agile Inceptions are powerful and fast ways to get a team to internalize a vision. It's a two-day investment that saves the company months of up-front planning and allows the teams to begin immediately deliver core product functionality. Overview Since mid-2013, I've been involved with teams adopting the Agile Inception format used by Pivotal Labs to kick off