31. Lean Coffee at the 5Saturdays

31. Lean Coffee at the 5Saturdays

Lean Coffee at the 5Saturdays

Vic (@AgileCoffee) stops by Dr. Dave’s (@DrCorneliusInfo) 5Saturdays event to introduce lean coffee to a large group of facilitators-in-training.

Guests include: Evelyn Crofts, Keith Montgomery, Curtis Gilbert, Seth Silvernail, Jon Jorgensen, Angela Rong Sun, Robbie Smith, Purnima Vaidyanathan, Valarmathy Rangasamy and Joe Dailey.


  • Planning & executing tasks in the household
  • Velocity-based vs. Capacity-based planning
  • Agile sneak attacks in waterfall environments
  • Showstoppers identified in daily scrum
  • Reflection on day #2 of 5Saturdays’ Train the Facilitator

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Coming up in episode 32 – interviews from the 2nd annual Scrum Day San Diego.

Further ahead in episode 33 – lean coffee from Scrum Alliance’s Scrum Coaching Retreat in Seattle.

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