“I’ll have the salmon”

“I’ll have the salmon”

Simple words that answer the second-most important question at a business lunch.

At any professional lunch, the most important question is directed at you and usually needs to come from you. (How often does your boss ever ask “so, what are we here to talk about?”) A great question may be “what are we here to fix?”, and you’ll have your answer, in bite sizes of course. This is,¬†after all, a business lunch where all people talk – not a monologue.

It’s also good to stay within custom when it comes to timing. Before your order is taken, stick to small talk – usually begins on the trip to the lunch spot. And once the food arrives, no more initiating business talk. By all means, allow your boss to, but don’t prod her to re-engage. Not considered polite.

Remember, order the fish then get to the point. When lunch arrives, bask in the conversation’s afterglow. Business lunch nailed.

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