5. Creativity in Agile? Use Your Imagination

5. Creativity in Agile? Use Your Imagination

Live from Paradise Perks, Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) and Arielle Caron join Jon and Vic use the lean coffee format to discuss the following topics:
1. XScale
2. Kill Agile
3. koans, problem solving and goose in a bottle
4. brainstorming / inceptions … worthwhile?
5. Creative Inc’s model of brainstorming
6. Greenhousing and Jesse’s Lasso

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Great podcast guys, thanks for all the XSCALE love. Quick comments: XSCALE the Agile:TNG method isn’t actually based on XSCALE the Intel architecture or XSCALE the XDS package. But your riff on same is really interesting and we’ll have to think about the reduced-instruction angle – thanks!

As per the A:TNG page the “new” parts of XSCALE are BPP, the Seven Samurai, and the Iroquois councils. But they’re not very new. Scrum and XP folks have been doing parts of BPP for a long time. The new thing about BPP is wrapping it up as a pattern language, which we do because all of its bits and bobs work together really neatly.

Likewise the Samurai patterns – we pick on the movie because it’s a really neat explication of the patterns, but there’s nothing “new” about the patterns that get wrapped up – they’re proven solutions to commonplace problems in Agile transformation. And the Iroquois council notions go back perhaps a thousand years – again we just try to wrap them up in an accessible protocol that anyone can apply.

The goose in the bottle pattern … your discussion was fascinating but the answer to the koan is an awful lot simpler than that. We actually give it on the A:TNG page. The point of the pattern is that you never change existing teams or capabilities within the existing organization. You establish new teams and capabilities outside it and fund/require them to grow into a new organization. Hence, “It’s Out!”. Glad you appreciated the bad photoshop job – I get a chuckle every time I look at that.

Would love to hear more about scrum for schoolkids in future podcasts!

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