38. Mobbing at the Agile Open SoCal

38. Mobbing at the Agile Open SoCal

Recorded live from the Agile Open SoCal (Irvine, California), Victor (@AgileCoffee) is joined by three new guests: Aaron Griffith (@Aaron_Griffith), Colleen Kirtland (@CSKirtland) and Brock Nunn (@BANunn). In addition to general comments about the Open Space event, we also discuss:

  • Mob Programming and the Anti-Sprint Invasion
  • Were you surprised at the Agile Open?
  • The Importance of Culture and Behaviors in Agile
  • Agile for Social Betterment

If you missed the SoCal open space, consider attending Agile Open Northern California on October 9 & 10. More info at agileopencalifornia.com.

LAST CHANCE to get your card included into Vol.3 of the Agile Coffee Conversation Starters. Visit kickstarter.com/projects/770793397/agile-coaching-cards before Thursday 9/24.

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