36. Lessons from 5Saturdays Students

36. Lessons from 5Saturdays Students

astancia_castOn July 25th, another successful 5Saturdays program wrapped up at Estancia HS in Costa Mesa, CA, and twelve students shared their takeaways with me on the podcast. These high-school-aged participants talked about the lessons learned over their five weekend sessions, focusing on job readiness and effective communications.

Topics discussed include:

  • applications of creative thinking
  • tools for critical thinking
  • facets of agility using Scrum
  • resume-building and interviewing skills
Recording setup in the library of Astancia HS
Our setup in the library of Estancia HS

One central theme that students spoke of was their interest in using personal kanban in their everyday lives, having recognized its ease and usefulness in planning.

I was happy to have met and talked with these students. They each agreed that they found high utility in the five-week course, and their understanding and appreciation of Scrum and Agile concepts was immediately apparent in our conversation.

I want to once again thank all student participants and wish them the best of luck as they finish their high school journeys armed with this new knowledge and unique experience.


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