32. Scrum Day San Diego 2015

32. Scrum Day San Diego 2015

Victor (@AgileCoffee) participated in Scrum Day San Diego and interviewed a number of participants, including the winners of the Agile San Diego usergroup’s annual Agile Awards. Congratulations to Joe Dailey (winner of the Agilist of the Year, 2014) and to ID Analytics (recipient of the 2014 Agile San Diego Team Excellence Award). Also Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) and his son, Dave, accepted a gift on behalf of the 5Saturdays initiative which introduces Scrum to high school students.

Over 100 Scrum enthusiasts gathered on June 12th, 2015 in San Diego County to advance their understanding on how to launch Agile projects successfully. The theme of this second annual Scrum Day was “Well Begun is Half Done”, and featured speakers included Tirrell Payton, Marcelo Fernandez, Lauren Feehrer and Niv Genchel. Diana Larsen delevered a powerful keynote address on the topic of Lift-Offs and Agile Chartering, and a panel moderated by conference organizer Carlton Nettleton fielded questions from participants.

For more information on that event, visit scrumdaysandiego.com

  • Zach Bonaker (@ZachBonaker), Brett Palmer (@Brett_Palmer) & Vic discuss the value of Scrum Day
  • Zach talks about entering into, guaging success of, and gracefully exiting coaching engagements
  • Vic asks the Dave Corneliuses (both of them) about the honorarium awarded to 5Saturdays
  • Members from ID Analytics, the Agilist Team of 2014, share their path to success with Scrum
  • Joe Dailey, recipient of Agilist of 2014, discusses his successes in the workplace and the community

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Coming up in episode 33 – lean coffee from Scrum Alliance’s Scrum Coaching Retreat in Seattle.

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