21. Death March Agile vs the ScrumBut

21. Death March Agile vs the ScrumBut

For this episode, Vic is joined by Jon Jorgensen (@WaterScrumBan) and Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee.

Today our heroes discuss the following topics:

  • Training vs Discovery – learning styles, immersive learning, guided discovery, peer stimulus
  • Positivity-resistant peeps – believe in your team, like attracts like
    • books: Joy, Inc by Richard Sheridan & Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
  • Agile mechanisms without values – Deathmarch Agile, Scrumbut
  • DevOps, Docker, Agile – automated testing, microservices slidesvideos for DockerCon 2014

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