20. Our Twentieth Coffee on the Record

20. Our Twentieth Coffee on the Record

This just in! We’re announcing that Vic will serve as facilitator for the upcoming Coach Camp. To learn more and see who will be attending, point your browser to AgileGathering.com for all the info about Agile Coach Camp US West, April 10-12, 2015

For this episode, Vic is joined by Jon Jorgensen (@WaterScrumBan) and Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee.

Today our heroes discuss the following topics:

  • Offshoring Wisdom – is this practice achieving its objective of lowering the organization’s development costs?
  • Tenure and Great Teams – How can we retain our people? How long does it take for a coach to affect change?
  • New Meeting Methods – Dale mentions Dick and Emily Axelrod’s “Let’s Stop Meeting Like This
  • Paired Coaching and Approximating Truth – Vic gave Jon a copy of “Quantum Psychology” (Robert Anton Wilson) as a Christmas gift, and it got Jon thinking.

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