15. A Great Day for Agile, a Great Day for Coffee

15. A Great Day for Agile, a Great Day for Coffee

For this episode, Vic and Jon are joined by Dale Ellis, Larry Lawhead and Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) in an undisclosed location for a lively morning of Agile and Coffee.

In this episode, our Agile heroes discuss the following topics:

  • having fun with self-organizing teams – we mentioned Game Changers and Mike Bonifer’s ERGO framework
  • organizing daily meetings with kanban – ever heard of chorei or asakai? Neither did I. We discussed Dave Anderson (Microsoft) and “walking the board”
  • voting when you can’t see eachother – Larry introduced another timely topic
  • long-term value of a coach / scrummaster – Dr. Dave talks about our role after the team becomes self-managing

We offer our thanks to Gene Kim (@RealGeneKim) for giving us copies of The Phoenix Project to give to you. Listen to the episode to find out how.

Also we want to congratulate Dr. Dave for the success of his 5 Saturdays program. Check out the progress at 5Saturdays.org

Reach out to Jon (@waterScrumBan) and Vic (@AgileCoffee) on Twitter –  and use the hashtags #askAgileCoffee or #tellAgileCoffee to interact with us on an upcoming episode.

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