Vic’s speaking resume

I love speaking. Normally on the introverted side of the spectrum, there’s something about getting up in front of (or in the middle of) a roomful of people and delivering a message I’m passionate about. Not only is it a thrill and a whopper of a chance to improve my own art of communicating, it also connects my to my joy of teaching and transferring knowledge.

A local consulting firm asked me recently to provide a list of my topics. Until I began writing them out, I hadn’t realized that I’m developing a pretty nice speaking resume. I’ve got a handful of topics that I’ve presented at local and regional events, and a couple more that are planned for this fall or beyond.

Unless noted, speech durations are approx 45 minutes and can be stretched to 60 minutes or longer.

  • Lean Coffee in the Workplace – I’ve given this one at least five times. It includes a bit of history, data on time lost in traditional meetings, and applications in the workplace. As time permits (eg. present for 20-25min, workshop for 25-30min), I break the audience into groups of 5-8 so they can run their own mini-coffees and internalize the mechanics. (A 6-minute “pechakucha” highlights version of this is on youtube.)
  • Roles in Pair-Coaching / PC Domino Game [ link to video, link to post #2 ] – my current topic focus (summer 2015). I’ve been researching pair-coaching for a couple years (notably with Yves Hanoulle) and developing a framework to use in an Agile workplace. Lately I’m iterating on an interactive learning exercise using dominos. I’ve spoken on pair-coaching at three Agile Opens over the past year, but I’ve only introduced the game once (Scrum Day OC, March 2015). I’m scheduled to deliver an updated presentation/workshop at SoCal Agile (Irvine) in November.
  • Favorite Agile Games to Use in Trainings [ link to post ] – Currently under development, I provide instructions, examples and target learning objectives for the following six activities: Buy a FeatureHuman Knot, Multitasking, Collaborative Origami, Penny Game and Ball Point Game. I’ve used each of these in previous transformations, and I highlight these six as examples of incorporating game play and simulations into training sessions. Includes overview of how/when/why (and why not) to use games in general. No plans yet to present. (Note that none of these five games are my original creations. They are common to trainers & coaches throughout Agile.)
  • Using Inceptions to Kick off Agile Projects [ link to slides, link to post ] – “Inception” is a term from Pivotal Labs. Very similar to other forms of release planning (eg. SAFe’s release planning). If you are concerned about linking to one particular company/framework, I can alter the talk to be slightly more general and compare the features of a few methods (ie. inceptions vs SAFe’s release train vs other models). Never delivered this talk, but prepared it last summer on spec.
  • Lean Startup with Agile – I gave this one twice, last in June 2014 at SoCal Code Camp with Jon Jorgensen. It works best as an intro to Eric Ries’ Lean Startup for an audience familiar with Agile principles. (I’d videotaped that presentation for my personal use, but I have no plans to publish it at this time.)
  • Intro to Agile and Scrum – This has been delivered twice to recruiting firms (most recently to TEKsystems in LA this past June), but it’s evolved from my own personal deck that I use for transformations and bootcamps. A comprehensive overview, this presentation works best to an audience new to Agile. (I’ve recorded an early version of my delivery (audio available upon request), but I hope to craft this into a better quality video later this summer.)

Other shorter-form presentation topics I’ve delivered (in Open Space format):

  • Hackathons – how to organize; benefits of hackathons; internal vs. community events (I’ve organized two hackathons and several other events)
  • Working with Non-participatory Team Members [ link to post ] – identify the range of “problem” cohorts; offer approaches to build teamwork and trust; make use of empathy, crucial conversations and NVC techniques

Other long-form presentations delivered over the past three years, likely not as relevant for general Agile audiences:

  • Agile for Startupslink to slides ] – made specifically in reference to my (former) role at SendGrid.
  • Social Media for Public Speaking Professionalslink to slides ] – made for audience of public speakers. Delivered at speakers bureaus, etc.
  • Podcasting Agile [ short-form ] – I produce the bi-weekly Agile Coffee podcast, and I’ve spoken about why and how to do it

Not yet overwhelming, but I’m developing quite a list across a range of topics.  Those in the top list I’m most keen on, but I’m generally happy to work with other topics. I feel that I can adapt easily given a modest amount of lead time.