presenting “Agile for Start-ups: SG’s History with Agile”

presenting “Agile for Start-ups: SG’s History with Agile”

In November I presented at SoCal Code Camp (USC) on the topic of my company’s history with Agile (from start-up to 200+ employees and 160B emails). It was my first time to present this topic, and it was tailored for an audience without much Agile experience.

(For those interested, here’s a link to the slides: (If you’re interested, you can also view the full hour-long presentation here:

In December I presented the topic again, this time to a roomful of practitioners at Agile San Diego. The audience there gave terrific feedback, including questions such as:

  • which metrics were introduced when? to what effect (efficacy)?
  • did metrics allow members/teams to game the system? which metrics?
  • what were some of the most impactful experiments we did with the processes?
  • how often did we experiment?
  • how did we measure results of experimentation?
  • was there an ebb/flow to the buy-in at the executive level?
  • do we use data to move people between teams?
  • how do we measure efficacy of pair-programming?
  • does our Agile adoption contribute to morale or turnover?

The answers to these questions will make there way into the next iteration of the presentation, tentatively scheduled for an upcoming Agile SoCal event in Irvine. Meanwhile, I’ll discuss this at my AgileCoffee meetups and post notes here as they roll in.

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