54. Lean Coffee with Ukuleles in the Great Outdoors

54. Lean Coffee with Ukuleles in the Great Outdoors

On the eve of #SGCAL, Vic (@AgileCoffee) is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer), Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale), Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead), Colleen Kirtland (@AgileBohemian) and first-time guest John Eisenschmidt (@jeisensc) for an outdoor session in sunny Southern California.

  • Too many branded flavors of Agile?
  • The need for Leadership beyond “Servant Leadership”
  • Can you be Agile with virtual teams?
  • Ukulele interlude: I’ll Fly Away
  • Has your team broken Agile?
  • Ukulele interlude: Blowin’ In The Wind
  • Is it Agile or is it People Development?

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Final rundown of events at Scrum Gathering in San Diego:

Vic was interviewed on episode 34 of AgileNext, a podcast by Daniel Gullo and Stephen Forte. Check it out at agilenext.tv.

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