49. Coaching Concerns with Alan Dayley

49. Coaching Concerns with Alan Dayley

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A 100% Skype-based episode! Vic is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer), Zach Bonaker (@ZachBonaker) and first-time guest Alan Dayley (@DayleyAgile).

Today our heroes discuss the following topics:

  • Is “Quality Assurance” an inhibitor to developing with agility?
  • Scenario: You are an experienced ScrumMaster just joining a new and dysfunctional team. What is your first goal?
  • “Falling off the cliff” scenarios
  • Common problem: The team does not update their progress on tasks and user stories in the electronic tool. So?
  • The Director says “Plan for more points in your next Sprints or we won’t get all this work done.”
  • Explaining coaching to a mentoring organization

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