2. We’re Here and We’re Motivated

2. We’re Here and We’re Motivated

In this second episode of Agile Coffee podcast, Vic (@AgileCoffee) is joined by Jon and they use the lean coffee format to discuss the following topics:

    1. what motivates people
    2. making a difference
    3. body of work
    4. coddling teams
    5. are we overly idealistic?
    6. 50 new Agile coaches hired

We mention the following books:

Plus we take a look ahead to the following agile/lean events both in California and across the USA:

  • Scrum Day San Diego – June 13
    • Interact with local executives, ask why they went with Scrum and Agile and hear the benefits they received from this new way of working.
  • Global SCRUM Gathering ® – New Orleans — May 5-7
    • Scrum Alliance’s annual gathering in the USA will showcase the powerful “goodness” that Scrum can bring to our products, our professional relationships, our workplaces, and our organizations.
  • Agile2014 – Orlando, FL — July 31 – Aug 1
    • AgileAlliance’s annual conference will reinforce our understanding of proven methods and will illuminate some of the exciting new innovations that represent the future of Agile.
  • Agile Open Southern California 2014 – Irvine, CA — Sept 11-12
    • Join experienced Agile practitioners and newcomers alike for two days to discuss, examine and otherwise brainstorm the most timely and relevant topics in Agile development today.
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