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Just got back from a relatively relaxing Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Ohio for family and football. While there I hopped over to Starbucks to host a LeanCoffee in Ohio (I’d posted it on Meetup a few weeks prior). As I’d expected, attendance was nil. Not sure if that speaks more to the fact it was a holiday weekend or that Ohioans don’t use meetup. I ruled out there being no love for Agile/Lean, for within a couple minutes of sitting there with my post-its and sharpies, the guy next to me (Robert) started asking me what I had? We talked about the…

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I’m excited to be heading to Nashville in only a few days, and not just because it’s a fun-sounding place that I’ve yet to visit. Agile2013 is a 5-day event that kicks off on Monday August 5th. I’ll be looking to connect with very smart people and share stories of successes (and failures). It’s also a great opportunity to learn and be exposed to new ideas that will add zest to my role as a scrummaster / project manager / coach. And did I mention five days in Nashville?

Introducing the newest meetup: Agile Coffee – OC. I’ve been meaning to start this group since Stuart & I went up to San Fran for the SF Agile conference last May. There we met Jim Benson (Personal Kanban) and were introduced to Lean Coffee as a forum for discussing Lean, Kanban, Agile, limiting WIP, visualizing workflow, and just about anything else. A self-organized pull-system of learning / sharing. (Jim helped create Seattle Lean Coffee and has run it at dozens of conferences before the SF Agile event.) So that’s the goal here, in Orange County, is to get us together and start forming…

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