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Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 27

To share an abundance of topics, Victor is joined by Dale Ellis (@theDigitalDale), Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead), Jon Jorgensen (@waterScrumBan) and Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) in the Irvine studio for a lively morning of Agile and Coffee. In this episode, our Agile heroes discuss: A brief report on last month's ACCUS West Applying Agile to students Hang the DJ Can Agile practices change us

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 26 at Agile Open Northwest

This episode is composed of two separate sessions. The first part was recorded on location at the 9th Annual Agile Open Northwest (Portland, OR) with Ben Sherwood, Michael Wolf, Alicia Lanier and Ian Savage.  For the second part, I returned to the home studio and was joined by Dale Ellis, Jon Jorgensen, Brett Palmer and

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 25

Vic is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer) and Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Agile Planning - discussed WSJF and Donald Reinertsen's book The Principles of Product Development Flow User Story Mapping Roles in pair-coaching Servant Leadership has the info about our upcoming Agile Coach Camp US West, April 10-12,

Agile Coffee Podcast, episode 24

Vic is joined by Brett Palmer (@brett_palmer), Jon Jorgensen (@waterscrumban) and Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Agile Budgeting - Larry lent his copy of Agile Estimating and Planning to his CEO. Will he get it back? The power of Standing for Agile - getting the team to arise Mike Lavery (@baconPhilosophy) asks

Agile Coffee podcast, episode 23

Vic is joined by Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale), Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) and Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Agile Coach kits - what do you keep handy? Dale mentioned a handout by CarbonFive. He actually meant Lane Halley's Lean UX recipe cards. You can find them on Slideshare here and

Agile Coffee podcast, episode 22

For this episode, Vic is joined by Larry Lawhead (@LarryLawhead), Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale) and Dr. Dave Cornelius (@DrCorneliusInfo) for quick and efficient morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: How does practicing Agile/Lean change people? The Value of Scrum to Organizations Roadmapping with Lean Coffee and Six Thinking Hats - see Vic's recent post book: Six Thinking Hats by

Patterns in Pair-Coaching

Agile coaching demands many skills of the practitioner. In addition to being conversant in common agile processes, we are also called to serve as teacher, facilitator, mentor, counselor, negotiator, and leader. Of course, this is a partial list; there may be no limit to the skills identified as valuable to our coaching profession. Where did you

Agile Coffee podcast, episode 21

For this episode, Vic is joined by Jon Jorgensen (@WaterScrumBan) and Dale Ellis (@thedigitaldale) for a lively morning of Agile and coffee. Today our heroes discuss the following topics: Training vs Discovery - learning styles, immersive learning, guided discovery, peer stimulus Positivity-resistant peeps - believe in your team, like attracts like books: Joy, Inc by Richard Sheridan & Five Dysfunctions of

Kafka, Agile Coach

At the latest lean coffee, we had two cards with a similar question: how do you neutralize the bad apples / stop the eye-rolling? Later that night I remembered something I thought might apply, so below I try to craft it into a parable. (This post offers a huge tip of the hat to Robert

Roadmapping with Coffee and Hats

Does your IT organization make a practice of yearly roadmapping? Mine does. The current shop, the previous one, the one before that, and on and on. Just about every technology department I've been a part of does some form of yearly roadmapping exercise. The one characteristic that they all share? They're drudgery. The process of