My goal has always been to contribute to meaningful coaching conversations, and this toolkit is a collection of my favorite tools for kickstarting those dialogues.

All intellectual property and copyrights are owned by the authors noted on each page. Please support these thought leaders by getting to know their original material.

I couldn’t have accomplished this work without the support of so many, and I am grateful for the opportunity.

More links coming soon…

  • Five Thieves of Time
  • Journey Mapping
  • Systems Modeling
  • Empathy Toy
  • Ball Toss Game
  • Penny Flip Game
  • Pair Origami
  • Myers Briggs / DiSC
  • Modern Agile
  • N.I.C.E. Feedback
  • Three Levels of Listening
  • Five Levels of Agile Planning
  • Tale of Five Monkeys
  • User Story Mapping
  • Kanban
  • Values (Scrum, XP, Agile, Lean pillars)
  • Influence Maps
  • Ishikawa (Fishbone)
  • Six Trumps
  • Office NVC
  • Mob Programming
  • TDD
  • Hackathons & FedEx Days
  • Gemba Walks
  • Lean Coffee / Open Space / World Cafe
  • Pomodoro