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0001Team Building on a Boat3/17/2014001Brett, Curtis, Jon, Victor
0002Jon is going to use Mary Poppins to describe scrum practices3/17/2014001Brett, Curtis, Jon, Victor
0003Where is the best place to hold a retrospective?3/17/2014001Brett, Curtis, Jon, Victor
0004Why is a Retro Kit important, and what to include in it3/17/2014001Brett, Curtis, Jon, Victor
0005What motivates people?4/20/2014002Jon, Victor
0006Making a difference as a coach4/20/2014002Jon, Victor
0007Coach's body of work4/20/2014002Jon, Victor
0008Is it okay to coddle your teams?4/20/2014002Jon, Victor
0009Are Agilists overly idealistic?4/20/2014002Jon, Victor
001050 new Agile coaches hired4/20/2014002Jon, Victor
0011Minimally Viable Agile5/18/2014003Jon, Victor
0012Transparency between POs, SMs and teams5/18/2014003Jon, Victor
0013Non-IT Agile5/18/2014003Jon, Victor
0014Safe environments and the Soup5/18/2014003Jon, Victor
0015Agile Games and Gamification / Scrum as a gamification platform5/26/2014004Jon, Victor
0016Agile in Japan5/26/2014004Jon, Victor
0017Training, Taboos and Readiness5/26/2014004Jon, Victor
0018Recursion: Use it or Lose it5/26/2014004Jon, Victor
0019Big Plan Up Front (BPUF) vs Just In Time (JIT) plans vs no plans / #noestimates5/26/2014004Jon, Victor
0020XScale6/17/2014005Arielle, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0021Kill Agile6/17/2014005Arielle, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0022Koans, problem solving and goose in a bottle6/17/2014005Arielle, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0023Brainstorming and Inceptions … are they worthwhile?6/17/2014005Arielle, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0024Creative Inc’s model of brainstorming6/17/2014005Arielle, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0025Greenhousing and Jesse’s Lasso6/17/2014005Arielle, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0026Culture eats what? "Key Man" syndrome and amoeba hump reverts7/27/2014006Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0027“Agile practies make me tired”7/27/2014006Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0028Two new uses for Agile Coffee: afterglows and cold-calling7/27/2014006Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0029Zero QA: is QA really necessary?8/9/2014007Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0030Planned Serendipity, lean coffee format, and introducing Gangplank as an example8/9/2014007Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0031Enabling innovation and the role of disruptive innovation in the workplace8/9/2014007Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0032Coaching Circles and the career path, measuring coach efficacy8/9/2014007Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0033Software development is not manufacturing8/11/2014008Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0034“Bat outta hell” syndrome8/11/2014008Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0035Wisdom of crowds8/11/2014009Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0036Respect for people8/11/2014009Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0037First week on the job8/11/2014009Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0038Training Conquest8/11/2014009Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0039Coaching retreats / bootcamps8/11/2014009Brett, Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0040Culture as the Silent Killer9/5/2014010Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0041Deliver Fast9/5/2014010Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0042Flex Training9/5/2014010Dr.Dave, Jon, Victor
0043ALS Ice Bucket Challenge9/11/2014011Brett, Jon, Victor
0044Jeff Sutherland’s book Scrum: the Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time9/11/2014011Brett, Jon, Victor
0045Wall Walks with chairs9/11/2014011Brett, Jon, Victor
0046Fresh Training and Book Updates9/11/2014011Brett, Jon, Victor
0047Fantasy Football Draft parallels to Agile/Lean9/11/2014011Brett, Jon, Victor
0048Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, pt.29/27/2014012Brett, Jon, Victor
0049Nerf Gun Economy9/27/2014012Brett, Jon, Victor
0050Proximity Switch Estimating, with Lasers9/27/2014012Brett, Jon, Victor
0051Agile Open of Southern California9/27/2014012Brett, Jon, Victor
0052Estimating 2.010/3/2014013Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0053How is Scrum used in Construction10/3/2014013Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0054Building Confidence with End Users10/3/2014013Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0055Self-help in free software10/27/2014014Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0056What is core scrum10/27/2014014Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0057Does TDD take twice as long?10/27/2014014Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0058Having fun with self-organizing teams11/17/2014015Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Jon, Victor
0059Organizing daily meetings with kanban / chorei & asakai / “walking the board”11/17/2014015Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Jon, Victor
0060Virtual teams - voting when you can’t see eachother11/17/2014015Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Jon, Victor
0061What is the long-term value of a coach / scrummaster?11/17/2014015Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Jon, Victor
0062“Death March” Scrum and Kanban / Edward Yourdon’s “Death March“11/22/2014016Alberto, Dale, Victor
0063How can ERP implementations be sped up using Agile methodologies?11/22/2014016Alberto, Dale, Victor
0064Internal Hackathons11/22/2014016Alberto, Dale, Victor
0065Why is IT Ops the next big thing? Humble and Farley’s "Continuous Delivery"12/26/2014017Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0066Coach Crisis Corner12/26/2014017Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0067Larry’s promise to his CEO12/26/2014017Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0068Kanban Standup meeting formats12/26/2014017Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0069Pooh Camp, Disney’s take on O’Reilly’s Foo Camp1/18/2015018Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0070Does UAT have value for Scrum teams?1/18/2015018Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0071Time-boxing elaboration and requirements discussions1/18/2015018Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0072Ten Deployments a day?1/18/2015018Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0073Mobile Build frequency1/18/2015018Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0074Using LEGO to teach technical topics1/25/2015019Brett, Bryan, Jon, Mike
0075Continuous Learning1/25/2015019Brett, Bryan, Jon, Mike
0076Human Measurement and new technologies 1/25/2015019Brett, Bryan, Jon, Mike
0077Offshoring Wisdom2/2/2015020Dale, Jon, Victor
0078Tenure and Great Teams2/2/2015020Dale, Jon, Victor
0079Thinking about new methods for meetings2/2/2015020Dale, Jon, Victor
0080Paired Coaching and Approximating Truth 2/2/2015020Dale, Jon, Victor
0081Training vs Discovery2/8/2015021Dale, Jon, Victor
0082Positivity-resistant peeps2/8/2015021Dale, Jon, Victor
0083Agile mechanisms without values2/8/2015021Dale, Jon, Victor
0084Devops, Docker & Agile2/8/2015021Dale, Jon, Victor
0085How does practicing Agile/Lean change people?2/14/2015022Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0086Roadmapping with Lean Coffee and Six Thinking Hats2/14/2015022Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0087Techniques for remote retrospectives2/14/2015022Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0088Scrummaster as leader / getting things done2/14/2015022Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0089What makes a good scrum coach?2/14/2015022Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0090Agile coach kits2/23/2015023Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0091Memorable retrospectives2/23/2015023Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0092Story-mapping 2/23/2015023Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0093Why are we still failing with agile?2/23/2015023Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0094James C Hunter's book: The Servant2/23/2015023Dale, Dr.Dave, Larry, Victor
0095Agile Budgeting3/5/2015024Brett, Larry, Jon , Victor
0096The Power of Standing for Agile3/5/2015024Brett, Larry, Jon , Victor
0097Moderating the initial Product Backlog meeting 3/5/2015024Brett, Larry, Jon , Victor
0098Framework Regression Pain3/5/2015024Brett, Larry, Jon , Victor
0099Agile Planning3/25/2015025Brett, Larry, Victor
0100User Story Mapping3/25/2015025Brett, Larry, Victor
0101Roles in pair-coaching3/25/2015025Brett, Larry, Victor
0102Servant Leadership3/25/2015025Brett, Larry, Victor
0103Facilitation Tools / Groupwork cards3/31/2015026Alicia, Ben, Ian, Michael, Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0104Adaptive Action and Agile3/31/2015026Alicia, Ben, Ian, Michael, Brett, Dale, Jon, Larry, Victor
0105Applying Agile to students5/5/2015027Brett, Dale, Dr.Dave, Jon, Larry, Victor
0106Hang the DJ5/5/2015027Brett, Dale, Dr.Dave, Jon, Larry, Victor
0107Can Agile practices change us psychologically?5/5/2015027Brett, Dale, Dr.Dave, Jon, Larry, Victor
0108Giving Voice to a Team by using Agile tools5/17/2015028Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0109Agile is a cancer5/17/2015028Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0110Coordinating work between teams when one team's stories affect or depend on another's5/17/2015028Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0111Power of Success5/17/2015028Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0112Scrum Gathering, Phoenix - 20156/1/2015029Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0113Is "Product Owner" the only Agile product management model?6/1/2015029Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0114With whom do Agile principles take root?6/1/2015029Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor
0115Intentional Practice6/1/2015029Dale, Garrett, Jason, Zach, Victor

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