ACP001 – inaugural coffee

Our first AgileCoffee podcast, recorded live at the Knollwood restaurant in Irvine, CA, on March 13th, 2014. Victor Bonacci (@AgileCoffee) is joined by Brett Palmer, Jon Jorgensen and Curtis Gilbert. We can be reached at:

    Items mentioned in this podcast:

    • Pentel Color pens, sticky notes (multi-colored), a chime and a timer. Also, have you seen the Prime Directive?

In this particular episode, you will learn:

    • Who was on a boat
    • What to expect from future AgileCoffee podcasts
    • When is Jon going to use Mary Poppins to describe scrum practices
    • Where is the best place to hold a retrospective
    • Why is a Retro Kit important, and what to include in it