My Path of Servant Leadership

A few years ago I came to realize that I am passionate about serving others. I've probably been aware of this sub- or semi-consciously for most of my life, but it wasn't until I became a student of the Agile principles and methodologies that I learned the name for my greatest calling: Servant Leadership. [caption

What is a ScrumMaster?

In addition to our regular podcasts, I host a couple lean coffee meetups every month where we get people dropping in who are less experienced yet very curious about Agile methodologies and lean principles. One common theme at these in-person sessions centers around the role of a ScrumMaster, and it's a topic that engages

The Pair-Coaching Domino Game

Back in March I led a pair coaching workshop at Scrum Day Orange County 2015.  My goal with the session was to examine a few pair-coaching roles, share a list of competency areas for Scrum Masters, and use dominoes to demonstrate viable situations where pairing will help the coach, her team, or the larger organization. (You may

Patterns in Pair-Coaching

Agile coaching demands many skills of the practitioner. In addition to being conversant in common agile processes, we are also called to serve as teacher, facilitator, mentor, counselor, negotiator, and leader. Of course, this is a partial list; there may be no limit to the skills identified as valuable to our coaching profession. Where did you

Kafka, Agile Coach

At the latest lean coffee, we had two cards with a similar question: how do you neutralize the bad apples / stop the eye-rolling? Later that night I remembered something I thought might apply, so below I try to craft it into a parable. (This post offers a huge tip of the hat to Robert

Roadmapping with Coffee and Hats

Does your IT organization make a practice of yearly roadmapping? Mine does. The current shop, the previous one, the one before that, and on and on. Just about every technology department I've been a part of does some form of yearly roadmapping exercise. The one characteristic that they all share? They're drudgery. The process of

Lean Coffee in the workplace

Recently I was asked about using Lean Coffee (LC) in the workplace, something I've been doing for the past few years. While I'm a strong advocate for LC's workplace applications, I'd like to start with my view of the broader picture. (I've written about my experiences with LC before, but this post has more experiences to back

Capacity Planning worksheet for Scrum teams

[ UPDATE July 2016 - I no longer subscribe completely to the concept of capacity planning, at least to this level of detail. I will keep this post available, but I will not maintain the fancy spreadsheet ;) It's fun to geek out with numbers and formulas, but we could do better having meaningful

What is Minimally Viable Agile?

Jon recently asked (at 14:00 of episode 3 of the podcast) what's Agile and what's not. Do you ever hear Oh, that's not Agile as a pejorative? There'a a lot of controversy - even a heated debate - about what constitutes the minimum necessary to still be considered Agile. Agile, of course, is not one method, but