The Agile Coffee Podcast – episode 65

Vic (@AgileCoffee) and Larry (@LarryLawhead) had a nice chat back in January... and then the world turned upside down. We talked about: Conducting an assessment of Lean WastesSimon Sinek's Infinite GameModeling

Agile Coffee podcast, episode 36

On July 25th, another successful 5Saturdays program wrapped up at Estancia HS in Costa Mesa, CA, and twelve students shared their takeaways with me on the podcast. These high-school-aged participants talked about the lessons learned over their five weekend sessions, focusing on job readiness and effective communications. Topics discussed include: applications of creative thinking tools for critical thinking facets of

Keeping busy between jobs

Being out of work is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, having long stretches of time to focus thoughts and efforts on pet projects and learning is amazing. With clear vision and consistent effort, one can make tremendous progress in achieving high-value goals. On the other hand, you're still out of a