Agile Coaching Cards represent a unique and fun way to learn, share and discuss topics related to Agile and Scrum. Not confined to a book or website, the cards invite interaction and play, making the experience fun and memorable.

The first three decks are now ready for funding on Kickstarter.

sample cards from LCCS, volume 1
sample cards from LCCS, volume 1

Volumes one and two of the Lean Coffee Conversation Starters each contain 46 of the best questions and topics from over three years of meetups. Plus you get five cards that are blank, allowing you to write your own questions with dry-erase markers.


Volume three of LCCS will be made of 49 questions from sponsors of the Kickstarter, each topic getting credited to its author. Two blank cards accompany this deck.

An elegant coffee bean motif is printed onto the card backs of the 3-volume LCCS series, and each deck is identified by a slightly different color (from “café au lait” to “dark roast”) to distinguish them from each other.


All three decks are printed with a smooth finish (aqueous coating) onto 300 GSM* casino-quality card-stock, allowing dry-erase markers to be erased with ease – handy for dot-voting. Instructions and usage guides are included in each deck as well, and they all come in clear, hard plastic boxes for easy storage.

9 thoughts on “Agile Coaching Cards

    • Hi Kseniya. It’s taken a short while, but the card decks are finally available on the new site:

      Podcast listeners and kickstarter backers have access to a discount code 😉

      I’ll post a link to topics list and pdf download shortly (by end of November).

    • Hi Pierre,
      Sorry for the late reply. The card decks are finally available on the new site: I’ll be finishing up some combo-pack details this weekend, so if you have questions, let me know before ordering.
      btw – Podcast listeners and kickstarter backers have access to a discount code 😉

  1. Hey you

    We now have a lean coffee meetup in North County San Diego. I will bring your cards that I got on kick starter and hopefully it will encourage people to purchase, I think they are the bomb! Why dont you come to one of the meetings!!

  2. Hello, I recently discovered these cards and am interested in getting them and the coaching deck. The website linked shows out of stock, and I am a few years late hehe. Are these still available?

    • Hi David. Inventory ran out. I plan to re-print a batch this winter.
      Best bet is to sign up on the mailing list on the cards site – I don’t email unless there’s an update. Hopefully soon 🙂

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