LeanCoffee in Ohio

Just got back from a relatively relaxing Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Ohio for family and football. While there I hopped over to Starbucks to host a LeanCoffee in Ohio (I’d posted it on Meetup a few weeks prior).

As I’d expected, attendance was nil. Not sure if that speaks more to the fact it was a holiday weekend or that Ohioans don’t use meetup. I ruled out there being no love for Agile/Lean, for within a couple minutes of sitting there with my post-its and sharpies, the guy next to me (Robert) started asking me what I had? We talked about the setup and meetup a bit before getting to Agile. His company (hospital linens servicer) uses Lean principles to operate, and his brother works in an Agile shop (UI / Design).

Alive and well in Twinsburg, Ohio.

an example session at Starbucks
an example session at Starbucks, with doughnuts!!